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Customize your State Wall Art Piece by letting us know what you want it to look like.
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All of our Pieces are Handmade in Boise, Idaho. We will not make it until we have your final approval of the design!
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1. Choose Your Piece and Frame Style.
The blue outline will be the metal piece you receive, the white will be cut away.

If your State is not listed, please Contact Us. We are working on adding every state to our catalog.

2. Choose Your Options.

Make this Piece your own by choosing some additional options.

LED Backlighting, IR Remote Control, Pine Wood Panel
LED Backlighting, IR Remote Control, WIFI/Mobile App Control, Pine Wood Panel

By uploading a photo you are certifying that you are the trademark owner or have written permission to use the trademark. Some trademarks may require written proof before we can complete your piece.

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3. Choose Your Finish.

Choose the finish you want your Piece to have. This is either the color or appearance of your Piece. Each finish has it's own unique attributes, so be sure to choose the one that best captures your personality.

4. Choose Your Size.

Choose the Size of your Piece. Measurements are taken at the widest point on the piece.

Special Instructions?
Please provide any additional instructions for your piece. If you chose the 3 or 5 Stripe Finish, please provide a color you would like. We will confirm your piece and options before crafting it.
Note: We will contact you prior to creating your piece to get your final approval of the design.
** Sizes are measured for the maximum dimension of the piece for either width/height depending on the shape of your state.

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